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Q: How do i pay for my order via credit card?

A: All Nicotine-Free items may be paid w/ credit card via www.HookahTown.com

A: All CBD items can be paid with credit card via www.BuyingCBDproductsOnline.com


Q: What is TMG? What Does TMG mean?

A: TMG is the actual amount of milligrams of cbd (whether it be full spectrum, broad spectrum or cbd isolate) inside the tank or bottle. (e.g. 1ml cart equals mg stated on box)

 Typical Formulation amounts are based upon 30ml sizing, e.g. 1ml cart equals 1/30 of mg stated on box


Q:I use the 1000mg pen as of now and am loving it, i typical take 2-3 puffs, would you recommend I go up in strength? How would going up impact me? 

A: As you go up each puff is going to contain more cbd, so if you are used to taking 2-3 puffs from the 1000mg, taking 1-2 puffs from the 2000mg or 1 puff from, the 3000mg or 3750mg pen would be a similar dosage, beyond that you can then increase your dosage by taking an additional puff. Be sure to wait a few minutes before taking additional puffs when using a new strength.