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Meet the Relegated Renegades



blaze-crop.png                                        BLAZE

She was told as a child, "not to play with matches". It all happened so quickly and when the dust BLAZE and the matchbox would be unified forever. With one side of her head now replaced with the striking portion of a matchbox. BLAZE can withstand extreme heat, while being able to start a fire in an instance, under any conditions!



sourdee-small.pngSOUR DEE  

 "You are what you eat" 




Yo, you got a....?


The answer is always Yes, when STASH is around. His pockets endless, selection magnificent, knowledge even deeper than his pockets. 



                                 TURP SKERP


Our Terpene Specialist , Turp Skerp spends the time learning about all of the different terpenes regarding flavor and effects so we may choose the very best to make our most delicious juices! 






Now you listen here, I can remember when we had to cut our own tobacco leaves. Them damn things where heavy sons of





Aww...Poor little Riggs

Poor little Riggs. He's the cutest most adorable and loyal companion you can ask for. Hauling around all the toys and tools for the Relegated Renegades.