VapeBrat LaBRATory

Welcome to the VapeBrat LaBRATory!

LaBRATory Curated, 3rd Party Lab Tested, VapeBrat Approved!

Every product that leaves our doors undergoes endless hours of research, development, testing, 3rd party lab testing, more testing, and oh yea some more testing. 

The First step for our products always begins with the Design.

Design: The VapeBrat uses several different sources in developing each of his creations. First and foremost it is you, our fellow VapeBrats and Relegated Renegades.

  • VapeBrat Bud

    VapeBrat Bud

    What makes VapeBrat Better? Components Battery Grades Vary from A to C. Only A+ Batteries are used inside All Vapebrat devices. Construction The highest quality design and components are meaningless without quality construction. All of our...

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  • Secret Agent V1 Secret Agent V1

    Secret Agent V1

    Secret Agent V1 With its spring action hidden tank design the VapeBrat Secret Agent V1 has changed the concealed device game. Containing a 650Mah Battery with 4 Power Settings and a battery life indicator the Secret Agent V1 is ultimate conceal device...

    $39.99 $19.99
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