Vape Responsibly

Vape Responsibly

What does that even mean?!

To vape responsibly is to always understand the power of the device and perishables you are using, and consequently your resulting current state before attempting to operate heavy machinery, drive a car, etc etc. 

We love making devices that allow for a wide range of adult vices, however safety is always first. VB on Board :)

This may seem like the only reason we constantly mention vaping responsibly, however there is, as always, another level when it comes to the VapeBrat. The amount of batteries , metal, glass and plastic used to produce vapes is off the charts. Simply throwing your vape product in the trash, whether it be a finished pod, finished pen, old mod, dead battery and the list goes on, surely does not help the environment.

If we can do our small part to recycle our vape products, it may not do a whole lot, but it sure as hell wont hurt. Plus by the way, did i mention you get free stuff? Check out our recycling program to earn free devices, shirts, hats and more! Recycle & Earn Click Here